Mental Health Resources for Grad Students

According to the 2016 UW–Madison Healthy Minds Study, 94% of UW–Madison students do not think any less of a peer who seeks mental health care, and 90% of students who used mental health care found it helpful. As a student, there are a variety of mental health resources available to you at no cost. A few of these resources are listed here.

SilverCloud: A self-guided mental health resource that provides treatment options 24 hours a day, no referral from a mental health or medical provider needed. It includes evidence-based learning modules on anxiety, depression, body image, and stress, designed to help students manage day-to-day stresses and improve resilience.

YOU@WISC: An online portal with information and resources for resilience and well-being. It covers stress management, self-care and social support, anger management, suicidal thoughts, mindfulness, and more.

For more mental health resources, visit the UHS website on mental health.