Matthew R. Reynolds, PhD



Phone: (608) 890-0842

Room Science
585 Science Dr
Madison, WI 53711

Matthew Reynolds, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pathobiological Sciences

Dr. Reynolds’ laboratory is primarily focused on the immune response to immunodeficiency virus infections using nonhuman primate models of HIV infection. In particular, they are investigating how adaptive immune responses can prevent or eliminate immunodeficiency virus infections through the use of vaccines or novel cure strategies. They are also developing a new latency model by transferring specific numbers of in vitro generated latently infected cells into SIV-negative macaques to artificially regulate the size of the reservoir. Dr. Reynolds started as an Assistant Professor in July 2017. Dr. Reynolds’ first graduate student joined his laboratory in January 2018. Dr. Reynolds has ongoing collaborations with virologists Drs. D O’Connor, Evans, and Friedrich.